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Vulli and Sophie's values....


The Vulli company is very conscious of ecology and sustainable development issues. It is though our products and internal policies that we show our commitment.


The Vulli products and sustainable development


Sophie la girafe® is made of 100% natural rubber. The latter comes from the Hevea tree growing in sustainable forests.

The development of the Klorofil line is focused on environmental protection. Through the toys’ playful dimension, the child's awareness of concepts such as the ecology, the renewable energies or the protection of endangered species is increased.


The Vulli company and sustainable development


We put great emphasis into reducing our environmental impact and our company has implemented many initiatives to this effect:



  • The plaster used for the manufacturing of Sophie la girafe® is sorted separately and recycled in the plasterer industry.


  • The waste (plastics, scrap metal, boxes and other) are set aside for recycling.


  • A study on the recycling of all rubber waste is currently being conducted. It is important to acknowledge that during the past three years, the quantity of waste has been divided by four.


  • Our employees particularly care about this cause.


  • In partnership with the city of Rumilly and in order to preserve biodiversity, a hedge of fifteen different species was planted and beehives was installed in 2015.


  • Thanks to everyone’s investment, the company won, in 2014, the Trophée du Développement Durable Carrefour.


  • As a French corporation who is committed to its territory, Vulli employs and establishes partnerships with local stakeholders in order to contribute to the local economy. We have created "tutorials" aimed at training the youth and to maintain the skills and employment of established workers.